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Mastering the Neuroscience of Success:
Victor Vargas, Your Path to Leadership Excellence



Discover how your emotions affect your decisions, and learn how to use applied neuroscience to take control of your life and achieve your goals. This speech includes practical tools and strategies to apply these concepts in your personal and professional life.

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"Gentleman: The Lost Art of Leadership" by Victor Vargas is a compelling fusion of self-help, psychology, and leadership that takes us back to the core principles of leadership. Vargas masterfully explores the relationship between emotions, performance, health, and work, emphasizing how emotional intelligence can enrich our personal and professional lives. The book seamlessly transitions into the realms of values, etiquette, speech, and wardrobe, guiding readers through social norms and how these aspects reflect and enhance our leadership capabilities.


This book is more than just a guide; it's a mirror to our souls, revealing not just what to do, but who we should be. "Gentleman: The Lost Art of Leadership" is a compass every modern man needs to navigate the tumultuous sea of life. It's not just a book, but an instrument of transformation that prepares the reader to be challenged, enlightened, and transformed, allowing the gentleman within to rise to lead.

Gentleman The Lost Art of Leadership Book Cover VICTOR VARGAS


Your Roadmap to Neuro-Political Mastery

"Cracking the Code to Success" takes you on an extraordinary journey through the intersection of politics, neuroscience, and personal experiences. Join Victor Vargas, a distinguished expert in leveraging neuroscience for effective leadership, as he unveils the secrets behind our brain's inner workings. Through captivating storytelling and insightful analysis, Vargas explores the profound influence of neurotransmitters on our thoughts, behaviors, and overall success. With a unique blend of political campaign strategies and practical applications, this book equips you with the tools to harness the power of your mind, influence others, and achieve exceptional leadership!

Cracking The Code of Success Book Cover

Influencing Masses
Unleashing the Science of Influence!

Influencing Masses Promo

In this captivating keynote, "Influencing Masses," we delve into the intricacies of the human brain and explore the fascinating world of neurotransmitters. Discover the extraordinary potential that lies within each of us as we unravel the secrets of influence. By delving into the science behind our brain's inner workings, we gain invaluable insights into how we can effectively influence others. However, before we embark on the journey of influencing others, we must first master the art of influencing ourselves. Through thought-provoking examples and practical strategies, this keynote empowers you to tap into your own inner reservoir of potential, harness the power of neurotransmitters, and unlock the keys to influencing the masses. Get ready to embark on a transformative experience that will forever change the way you perceive influence and its remarkable impact on our lives.

Authority & Dominion:
Unlock the Power Within!

Authority & Dominion Promo

In the thought-provoking keynote "Authority and Domain," we embark on a captivating exploration of the inner workings of the human brain, the remarkable neurotransmitters it produces, and the inherent authority and dominion we possess as leaders. Delve into the depths of your potential as we uncover the untapped power within. As leaders, we often underestimate or overlook the authority and dominion we inherently possess, either due to a lack of awareness or uncertainty about how to effectively wield them. This keynote unravels the mysteries of our brain's intricate mechanisms, empowering you with a deep understanding of your own authority and dominion. Through engaging examples and practical strategies, we equip you with the tools to harness and utilize these powers to their fullest potential. Get ready to awaken the leader within, harness your innate authority and dominion, and step into a realm of unparalleled influence and impact.

Coalition & Pride
Unleashing the Lion Within!

Coalition and Pride Promo

Join us in an exhilarating journey as we delve into the fundamental workings of the human brain and the incredible neurotransmitters it produces, while drawing inspiration from the majestic world of lions. In the captivating keynote "Coalition and Pride," we explore the transformative power of leadership and teamwork. Through interactive exercises and pragmatic insights, we unlock the secrets of building strong coalitions and leading with pride. As we study the lion as a metaphor for collaboration and strength, we uncover the dynamics of effective leadership and the neuroscience behind successful teamwork. This motivational keynote ignites a sense of empowerment, urging you to tap into your inner lion and unleash your leadership potential. Discover the strategies to cultivate a sense of pride within your teams, foster collaboration, and create a culture of excellence. Get ready to roar with confidence as you embark on a journey towards building powerful coalitions and leading with pride!

Womans Roar!
Seduction, Power & Leadership

Womans Roar Promo

Join us on a captivating journey of empowerment and unity in the transformative keynote "Woman's Roar." Explore the fundamental workings of the brain, including the nuances of neurotransmitters, while delving into the unique differences between male and female brains. Discover how to embrace your leadership potential without sacrificing your femininity, fostering an inclusive and respectful environment that honors both genders' rights. Drawing inspiration from the strength and grace of lions, we utilize metaphors of coalition and pride to navigate the complexities of leadership. This interactive, pragmatic, and motivational experience equips you with the tools to harness your inner lioness, leading with authenticity and confidence. Unleash your woman's roar, forge powerful coalitions, and create a world where leadership transcends gender barriers, inspiring unity, and igniting positive change!

Unleash Your True
Harnessing the Power Within! 

Identity Promo

Prepare to embark on a deeply transformative journey as we unlock the secrets of our brain's inner workings and the profound influence of neurotransmitters on our health and well-being. In the awe-inspiring keynote "Identity," we delve into the psychological principles that shape our self-perception and explore how our perception of ourselves ripples out to impact the world around us. Discover the tools to construct an empowering self-image that transcends limitations and propels you towards a future filled with boundless possibilities. This highly motivational and emotional experience delves into the choices we make in defining our past, embracing our present, and shaping our future. Through pragmatic strategies and thought-provoking exercises, we empower you to craft a powerful identity that aligns with your true potential. Get ready to embrace your authentic self, unleash the power within, and embark on a remarkable transformation towards a life of purpose, fulfillment, and vibrant well-being.

Seduction, Power & Governance

SPG Seduction Power and Governance

"Immerse yourself in the electrifying intersection of neuroscience and leadership at Victor Vargas' insightful conference, 'Seduction, Power, and Governance.' Discover the captivating power of brain neurotransmitters and their influence in persuading others, managing power, and governing effectively. Unravel the secrets of effective leadership that stem not from authority, but from generosity, and understand how this principle can revolutionize the governance of cities, states, nations, and even corporate organizations. Join us and redefine your understanding of influence as we dive into the fascinating depths of applied neuroscience, empowering todays leaders and shaping those of tomorrow!"

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