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Victor Vargas Neuro relaxed


Victor Vargas® 

"Knowledge is meaningless without practical application."

-Victor Vargas

How I Started

Welcome to my website! I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to share a little about myself and my journey with you. Beyond my academic achievements and accolades, I believe it's important to convey the personal aspects of my life and the valuable lessons I've learned along the way.


I was born in the vibrant country of Mexico, and my early years were spent in the quaint town of Paloma's, Chihuahua. Growing up in a small and loving family instilled in me the values of compassion, humility, and resilience. These values would guide me through the various stages of my life.


As a young student, I had the privilege of studying in Columbus and Deming, New Mexico. It was during this time that I began to shape my character and develop a strong sense of self. However, my life took an unexpected turn when my father passed away, forcing me to pause my studies and seek employment. I found myself working in the "maquilas" of Juarez and El Paso, experiencing the realities of life and the struggles faced by many.


Driven by a thirst for knowledge and personal growth, I embarked on a journey of education and exploration. I delved into the world of computer science, acquiring numerous tech certifications, and later pursued studies in law. But it was the study of different cultures that fascinated me the most, particularly the similarities in human behavior and how we interact with one another.


Life has a way of testing us, and I experienced the darker side of human nature firsthand. I faced betrayal and encountered unscrupulous individuals who left me bankrupt not once, but twice. Determined to understand the complexities of human behavior and find ways to prevent such injustices, I delved into criminology, criminalistics,  neuroscience, and psychology. These disciplines provided me with a deeper understanding of the human mind and the motivations that drive our actions.

As I continued my journey, a surprising opportunity presented itself when I was invited to participate in a political campaign. Sitting in a meeting, I was appalled by what I heard, and I couldn't stay silent. I approached the candidate and shared my perspective. To my amazement, my theories resonated with him, and he invited me to become one of his advisors. Together, we embarked on a campaign that would defy expectations.


Working behind the scenes, I applied principles from neuroscience and psychology to the campaign strategy. I soon discovered that by integrating these principles, we could create a powerful and compelling message that resonated with voters. The results were remarkable, and our candidate emerged victorious. This success opened doors for me as our candidate recommended me to his network of friends and colleagues.


I had always been reserved, so it came as a surprise when I received an invitation to give a keynote speech. Nervousness initially gripped me, but as I took the stage, my enthusiasm and passion for my subject took over. It turned out to be contagious, and despite having initially been allotted no more than a few minutes to speak, my audience grew rapidly, and I gained instant followers. That day marked a profound turning point in my life.


Since then, my journey has taken me to over 30 countries as a sought-after speaker. Each performance surpasses the previous one, leaving a lasting impact on audiences around the world. It is both humbling and exhilarating to witness the transformative power of sharing knowledge of how the brain works in a practical way everyone can apply immediately in their lives and that sense of empowerment is what inspires others.

Through my speaking engagements, I have had the privilege of connecting with diverse individuals from various cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life. I have come to understand that regardless of our differences, we all share a common desire for growth, understanding, and positive change. It is through the fusion of science, psychology, and human connection that we can unlock our true potential and create meaningful impact.

A man walks next to a lion representing the lion within his leadership

The Lions Den

In the course of my personal and professional growth, I came across the profound teachings of Miles Munroe and his brilliant analogy on lions. His words resonated deeply within me and spurred me to delve further into this philosophy. I realized that the principles of the lion could be incorporated into every aspect of my life, guiding me to embrace my true potential and lead with strength and purpose.


With unwavering conviction, I began to incorporate the lion philosophy into the events I organized. Many people doubted its relevance, believing that politicians and CEOs would never relate to such symbolism. But I trusted my instincts and persevered. To my delight, not only did they embrace it, but they also recognized its power and impact.


When I arrive at events today, I often overhear whispers of "Here comes the Lion." Far from being offended, I take it as a badge of honor. It signifies that I have successfully embodied the principles of strength, courage, and leadership that the lion represents. This recognition serves as a reminder of the transformative influence we can have on others when we live authentically and fearlessly.


Over time, as more people from different corners of the world began to connect with one another, they also became aware of my work. It became evident that there was a shared desire among these individuals to learn, grow, and empower themselves. This realization led me to create a unique gathering called the "Lions Den."


The Lions Den is a gathering of like-minded individuals held in a small mansion for three days of intense coaching and brainstorming. It is a space where leaders from various backgrounds come together to share their experiences, learn from one another, and ignite their inner lion. Through collaborative activities, discussions, and immersive experiences, we collectively elevate our personal and professional growth.


However, I believe that the transformative power of the Lions Den should not be confined to a select few. Thanks to technology and the reach it provides, I am committed to sharing this empowering experience with leaders worldwide who are dedicated to their growth and development. I envision a world where leaders embody the principles of the lion, inspiring others and creating a ripple effect of positive change.


I invite you, as a committed leader, to join me on this journey of personal and professional transformation. Together, let us harness the strength and wisdom of the lion within us, empowering ourselves and those around us to reach new heights of success and fulfillment.


Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure.


Warm regards,


Victor Vargas

Academic & Accolades 

Over the years, the work and effort of Victor and his team of professionals, has produced recognition to his contribution in the fields of neuropolitics and leadership. He is not merely a Neuroscience Researcher, Psychologist, Attorney at Law, Criminologist, Author, Political and Corporate Communication and Strategy Advisor; 


"he is a visionary, an International Public Speaker that empowers and inspires his audience." 


  • Political Consultant of the Year - Global Awards 2022

  • Nominated for  the "Best You" Award for Best International Speaker in London, England

  • Honorary Doctorate Degree for Contributions to Applied Neuroscience in Politics

  • Best Speaker Award in Morelia, Mexico

  • Pioneer in Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and Tony Robbins

  • Ambassador for "Royal Women" in Ecuador

  • Ambassador for "Unbreakable Women" in Mexico

  • Advisor to the Ibero-American Butterfly Women Foundation


  • Bachelor's Law Degree 

  • Bachelor's Psychology Degree

  • Master's Degree in Criminology and Forensic Science

  • Neuroscience

  • Professor at the Institute of Politics in Mexico

  • Author of "Cracking The Codes of Success: Your Guide to Neuropolitical Mastery"

  • Considered The Father of Neuropolitics in Latin America

  • Trusted Consultant and Strategist for Politicians, Governments, Enterprise and Corporations. Expert in Crisis Management.

"Victor Vargas is not merely a name on a profile; he is a beacon of inspiration, lighting the path towards a future brimming with endless possibilities. Embrace the power of the human mind, and let Victor guide you towards a brighter tomorrow."



Victor Vargas's unwavering belief that

"Knowledge is meaningless without practical application."

is the driving force behind his work. He has meticulously developed techniques and strategies to share research findings in a practical and digestible manner, ensuring that everyone who attends his events can immediately apply these insights to their own lives and endeavors.


Victor's influence extends far beyond the stage, as his

  • One on One power Coaching

  • Workshops 

  • MasterMind  Sessions

  • and mastermind Events

attract both consolidated political and corporate leaders that want to go to the "next level". Their presence stands as a testament to Victor's ability to inspire and guide individuals from all walks of life, empowering them to reach new heights of success.


For more than a decade and a half, Victor Vargas has been a trusted advisor, coach and strategist for political campaigns, governments and corporations around the world. His invaluable expertise has played a pivotal role in shaping the strategies and outcomes of numerous candidates and elected officials, establishing him as a go-to resource in the political arena.


Victor's journey is fueled by an unwavering commitment to making knowledge actionable, transformative, and accessible to all. His comprehensive approach, combined with his infectious enthusiasm, fuels the motivation of his audiences, empowering them to embrace change, unlock their potential, and achieve remarkable results.


Prepare to be inspired as Victor Vargas takes you on a transformative journey, where knowledge transcends theory and becomes a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Through his dynamic presentations, he empowers individuals to embrace practical wisdom, seize opportunities, and create meaningful change in their lives. Victor Vargas is a true catalyst for transformation, guiding individuals and organizations towards a future of limitless possibilities.


"To bridge the gap between neuroscience and leadership, transforming our understanding of the brain and mind into actionable strategies for political campaigns, governments, and corporations. By integrating neuroscience principles, we aim to cultivate leaders with a strong moral compass, values-driven decision-making, and a deep commitment to the common good. Through fostering self-awareness, enhancing emotional intelligence, cultivating ethical decision-making, empowering cognitive flexibility, and promoting well-being, our legacy will be a new generation of ethical and visionary leaders who inspire positive change, foster inclusivity, and drive sustainable progress in a rapidly evolving world."





Our mission is to apply the latest insights from neuroscience to transform the landscape of political campaigns, governments, and corporations, by equipping leaders with the knowledge and tools to become ethical, values-driven, and visionary. We are dedicated to fostering self-awareness, enhancing emotional intelligence, cultivating ethical decision-making, empowering cognitive flexibility, and promoting well-being. Through comprehensive leadership development programs, research, and collaborations, we strive to create a legacy of leaders who drive positive change, prioritize the common good, and shape a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.




  • Gratitude

  • Loyalty

  • Prudence

  • Diligence

  • Moderation

  • Discretion

  • Be Reliable

  • Be Trustworthy

Photo Gallery 

"A Journey of Gratitude: Capturing Memorable Moments Across Borders"

Welcome to our heartfelt photo gallery! This special section is dedicated to cherishing the incredible memories we've shared together throughout the conferences and events held in various countries. Here, we celebrate life and express our sincere appreciation to the remarkable individuals who have joined us on this transformative journey of neuropolitics and leadership.


Within these frames, you'll find snapshots of joy, connection, and growth, beautifully encapsulating the essence of our shared experiences. As you scroll through these images, we invite you to relive the magic of our gatherings and reflect upon the valuable connections we've formed.


This space is more than just a collection of photographs; it's a testament to the power of human connection and the profound impact we can have on each other's lives. It serves as a tribute to the incredible individuals who have played a vital role in shaping our events, fostering an environment of learning, and embracing new perspectives.


So, take a moment to browse through these pictures and search for your own special moment with me. Let the memories flood back, and may this gallery remind us all of the gratitude we share for the journey we've embarked upon together. Thank you for being a part of this incredible community, and for bringing your unique presence to our events.

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